Self Love Package



[Rever x Seven Beauty]

Nourish and indulge yourself from your face to your feet at once. 🥰 💖 ✨


“Rever Chocolate Foot Bath” gift set is formulated with various of essential oils that not only nourish & moisturize your skin but also treating decompression. It could boost your mood, reduce stress and even improve sleep.


“Everglow Barley Mask” is also packed with a blend of powerful antioxidants and soothing ingredients that will not only strengthen the skin barrier to treat but also prevent further skin damage for better and healthier skin health. They will also encourage brightening, fading dark spots, and healing rough and irritated skin to create a mask where we can not only see the glow, but feel it as well.



This Special Collaboration Set 🎁  includes:
– 10 pieces of Rever ‘chocolate-shaped’ footbath bomb that is infused with varying essential oils & a Foldable White Foot Bath Basin

– 5 pieces of Seven Beauty Everglow Barley Mask

– Delicate gift wrapping  (Suitable as a gift present for birthday, Christmas and other occasions)



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