Red Blessing Healthy Gift Set



The package includes:

* Rever Chocolate Foot Bath Gift Set
– Foot Bath Healing Powers:
🍀 Warms the Blood and the Soul – Warms Up Cold Hands & Feet, Stimulates Blood Circulation.
🍀 Improve Your Physical Health – Relieving Menstrual Pain.
🍀 Stamps Out Stress – Reduces Depression and Anxiety, Fights Fatigue and Improve Sleeping Quality at Night.
🍀 Softens and Beautifies the Feet – Say Good-bye to Dryness and Hello to Soft, Healthy Feet.

– The gift set includes:
> 10 pieces of ‘chocolate-shaped’ foot/bath bomb that is infused with varying essential oils
> 1 piece of foldable white foot basin
> Delicate gift wrapping with Red Blessing Sticker


* 6 Premium Coconut Brown Sugar Ginger Tea
– 100% Natural Ingredients
– Using Famous Gula Malacca (Malacca Coconut Sugar)
– Finest Ginger in Malaysia (Bentong Ginger)
– Rich in Nutritional Value
– Health Benefits: Warming of the stomach, body frail, strengthening the spleen and relieving menstrual pain
Effective of dispelling cold and promoting blood circulation
– Suitable for Diabetics
– Low Glycemic Index
– Helps in Hangovers
– Flavour: Original, Butterfly Pea Flower, Bird Nest, Rose, Osmanthus, Organic Clitoria Ternatea



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